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Major overseas seaports we provide an export sea freight quote online for

Freight Forwarder Quote Online exports cargo via sea freight to over 40,000 overseas locations. The major seaports we provide an export sea freight quote online for are as follows:

  1. Antwerp, Belgium
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Busan, South Korea
  4. Chennai, India
  5. Genoa, Italy
  6. Guangzhou, China
  7. Hamburg, Germany
  8. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  9. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  10. Jakarta, Indonesia
  11. Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
  12. Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  13. Kobe, Japan
  14. Laem Chabang, Thailand
  15. London, United Kingdom
  16. Miami, USA
  17. New York, USA
  18. Ningbo, China
  19. Norfolk, USA
  20. Port Kelang, Malaysia
  21. Qingdao, China
  22. Rotterdam, Netherlands
  23. Santos, Brazil
  24. Savannah, USA
  25. Seattle, USA
  26. Shanghai, China
  27. Shenzhen, China
  28. Singapore, Singapore
  29. Tianjin, China
  30. Valencia, Spain

Major overseas seaports we export freight to

For the comprehensive list of the overseas seaports we export to (sorted the list by country and then port within country).

Major locations we export sea freight from Australia

We export sea freight from over 16,000 Australian places. See the seaports we ship from Australia to overseas.

Export sea freight services from Australia to overseas

Your best choice of export sea freight option depends on several factors such as volume and type and if more than one location is required. We provide sea freighting quotes for exporters to different countries around the world. We manage your:

  • Booking and pick-up from Australia
  • Ocean freight and delivery from Australia
  • Import documentation for the overseas seaport
  • Customs clearance in the overseas seaport

With partnerships with all major ocean carriers and coverage to all major seaports around the world, we can handle your export sea freight quickly and cost-effectively. Read on to know which particular sea export service might best suit your needs.

Full container load (FCL) for exporting

Are you exporting large volume of items? Talk to us to see if shipping looking to ship FCL to cargo make sure you get the best options. We offer export sea freight features such as:

  • Door-to-door export shipments —to all overseas countries
  • Professional cargo handling for sea export
  • Dedicated FCL operational staff
  • Optimisation of your sea export transportation cost
  • Availability of all types of containers for best fit when sea exporting

Looking to export sea freight via FCL?

Call us at 1300651233 toll free to discuss your particular export FCL needs or use our freight online calculator to get an export sea freight quote that shows the FCL price.

Less than container load (LCL) for exporting

Got smaller volume of goods to export from Australia? Then using LCL for exporting via sea freight is the most cost effective if you have the long lead time.

Our carriers properly catalog and track your goods when consolidated with other cargo within the container to ensure it arrives as expected.

We offer the following features for LCL export sea freight:

  • Receipt of your cargo at the export side of the Australian seaport
  • Consolidation of your cargo with others that are also LCL exporting
  • Issue of house bill of lading for your export
  • Ocean shipment your cargo being exported
  • Deconsolidation on the import side of the overseas seaport and release your consignee

Call us toll free at 1300651233 to discuss your LCL needs, or get a export sea freight quote from our freight online calculator.

Looking to export sea freight via LCL?

Buyer consolidation loads for exporting

Buyer’s consolidation can have few different meanings when it comes to exporting. To us, it primarily means consolidating several smaller shipments from your suppliers close to the origin so that a full container can be packed and exported as a

  • Once off
  • Weekly schedule
  • Monthly schedule

Buyer consolidation can also occur when a pre-determined number of products have been received at a common location in Australian and works best for companies that are sea exporting using a local warehouse as a collection point.

Buyer consolidation features for exporting includes features such as:

  • Consolidation and booking
  • Warehousing and transport
  • Export Documentation and shipping

Call us at 1300651233 toll free to discuss your particular export buyer consolidation situation and see what we can do for you.

Looking to export sea freight via buyer consolidation loads?

Break bulk and non-containerised loads when exporting

Do you have cargo that does fit into standard sea freight containers (non-containerised) that is to be exported via sea freight from Australia?

Break bulk is for when you are exporting items like the following:

  • Construction equipment that is heavy
  • Bulky and large industrial equipment
  • Uncommon products like windmills
  • Small to medium yachts and boats
  • Products that are long steel works

We source the best carrier price and ensure your exported cargo gets from Australia to its final destination safely and securely.

Call us at 1300651233 toll free to discuss your particular export break bulk situation and see what we can do for you.

Looking to export sea freight via break bulk and non-containerised loads?

Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) when exporting

Do you need a specialised vessel for exporting of a vehicle?

This situation requires the use of Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) export sea freight service. It is perfect for anyone wishing to export vehicles from Australia anywhere around the world.

Talk to us if you need to export these types of items via RO/RO:

  • Yachts and helicopters
  • Cars and buses
  • Big rig trucks
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Road building and agricultural equipment

Call us toll free at [phone-company] to learn more about what we can do for you exporting freight that requires roll-on/roll-off.

Looking to export sea freight via RO/RO?

Why choose freight forwarder quote online for your export sea freight forwarding needs in Australia?

Freight Forwarder Quote Online gives you a highly experienced team that strives for customer satisfaction and can export your cargo via sea freight cost effectively and quickly through our comprehensive seaport network. We cover all major seaports across the globe.

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Comprehensive list of overseas seaports we provide an export sea freight quote online for

Below is a comprehensive list of the overseas seaports we export . Note we have sorted the list by country and then port within country. So to check if the port you need is on the list, look for the country first.

  • Algeria, Alger
  • Algeria, Oran
  • American Samoa, Pago Pago
  • Angola, Luanda
  • Antigua, St John
  • Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Argentina, Cordoba
  • Argentina, Rafaela
  • Argentina, Rosario
  • Argentina, San Francisco
  • Argentina, Santa Fe
  • Argentina, Zarate
  • Aruba, Oranjestad
  • Austria, Graz
  • Austria, Innsbruck
  • Austria, Klagenfurt
  • Austria, Linz
  • Austria, Salzburg
  • Austria, Vienna
  • Bahamas, Nassau
  • Bahrain, Bahrain
  • Bangladesh, Chittagong
  • Bangladesh, Dhaka
  • Barbados, Bridgetown
  • Belarus, Bodruisk
  • Belarus, Gomel
  • Belarus, Grodno
  • Belarus, Lida
  • Belarus, Magilov
  • Belarus, Maladzyechna
  • Belarus, Minsk
  • Belarus, Mozir
  • Belarus, Novopolock
  • Belarus, Orsha
  • Belarus, Pinsk
  • Belarus, Soligorsk
  • Belarus, Vitebsk
  • Belgium, Antwerp
  • Benin, Cotonou
  • Bolivia, Cochabamba
  • Bolivia, La Paz
  • Bolivia, Santa Cruz
  • Bosnia, Sarajevo
  • Bosnia, Zenica
  • Botswana, Gaberone
  • Brazil, Betim
  • Brazil, Canoas
  • Brazil, Curitiba
  • Brazil, Itajai
  • Brazil, Navegantes
  • Brazil, Novo Hamburgo
  • Brazil, Paranagua
  • Brazil, Rio De Janeiro
  • Brazil, Rio Grande
  • Brazil, Salvador
  • Brazil, Santos
  • Brazil, Suape
  • Brazil, Victoria
  • Brunei, Muara
  • Bulgaria, Sofia
  • Bulgaria, Varna
  • Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
  • Cambodia, Phnom Penh
  • Cambodia, Shanoukville
  • Cameroon, Douala
  • Canada, Calgary
  • Canada, Edmonton
  • Canada, Halifax
  • Canada, Montreal
  • Canada, Regina
  • Canada, Saskatoon
  • Canada, Toronto
  • Canada, Vancouver
  • Canada, Winnipeg
  • Canary Islands, Las Palmas
  • Canary Islands, Santa Cruz
  • Canary Islands, Tenerife
  • Central African Republic, Bangui
  • Chile , Antofagasta
  • Chile , Arica
  • Chile , Iquique
  • Chile , Santiago
  • Chile , Talcahuano
  • Chile , Valparaiso
  • China, Baodi
  • China, Baoding
  • China, Beijing
  • China, Changping
  • China, Dagang
  • China, Dalian
  • China, Datong
  • China, Dongguan
  • China, Doumen
  • China, Foshan
  • China, Fuzhou
  • China, Gaoming
  • China, Guangzhou
  • China, Haikou
  • China, Heshan
  • China, Huadu
  • China, Huangpu
  • China, Jiangmen
  • China, Kaiping
  • China, Macau
  • China, Nanhai
  • China, Nanjing
  • China, Nantong
  • China, Ningbo
  • China, Pan Yu
  • China, Qingdao
  • China, San Shui
  • China, Shanghai
  • China, Shenzhen
  • China, Shunde
  • China, Suzhou
  • China, Taicang
  • China, Taiping
  • China, Taishan
  • China, Taiyuan
  • China, Tangshan
  • China, Tianjin
  • China, Wenzhou
  • China, Wuxi
  • China, Wuzhou
  • China, Xiamen
  • China, Xian
  • China, Xianyang
  • China, Xingang
  • China, Xinhui
  • China, Yantai
  • China, Zengcheng
  • China, Zhangjiagang
  • China, Zhaoqing
  • China, Zhengzhou
  • China, Zhongshan
  • China, Zhuhai
  • Colombia, Barranquilla
  • Colombia, Bogota
  • Colombia, Buenaventura
  • Colombia, Cartagena
  • Congo , Kinshasa
  • Congo , Pointe Noir
  • Cook Islands, Aitutaki
  • Cook Islands, Rarotonga
  • Costa Rica, Puerto Caldera
  • Costa Rica, Puerto Limon
  • Costa Rica, San Jose
  • Croatia, Dubrovnik
  • Croatia, Rijeka
  • Croatia, Split
  • Croatia, Zagreb
  • Cuba, La Havana
  • Cyprus, Larnaca
  • Cyprus, Limassol
  • Cyprus, Nicosia
  • Cyprus, Paphos
  • Cyprus, Paralimni
  • Czech Republic, Brno
  • Czech Republic, Prague
  • Denmark, Aalborg
  • Denmark, Aarhus
  • Denmark, Copenhagen
  • Denmark, Esbjerg
  • Denmark, Kolding
  • Denmark, Odense
  • Denmark, Soenderborg
  • Djibouti, Djibouti
  • Dominica, Roseau
  • Dominican Republic, Rio Haina
  • Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo
  • Ecuador, Guayaquil
  • Egypt, Alexandria
  • Egypt, Port Said
  • El Salvador, Acajulta
  • El Salvador, San Salvador
  • Estonia, Tallin
  • Fiji, Lautoka
  • Fiji, Suva
  • Finland, Helsinki
  • Finland, Kotka
  • Finland, Lahti
  • Finland, Nastola
  • Finland, Pori
  • Finland, Tampere
  • Finland, Turku
  • Finland, Vaasa
  • France, Amiens
  • France, Angers
  • France, Annecy
  • France, Besancon
  • France, Bordeaux
  • France, Brest
  • France, Clermont Ferrand
  • France, Dijon
  • France, Dunkerque
  • France, Fos
  • France, Grenoble
  • France, Le Havre
  • France, Le Mans
  • France, Lille
  • France, Limoges
  • France, Lyon
  • France, Metz
  • France, Montpellier
  • France, Mulhouse
  • France, Nancy
  • France, Nates
  • France, Nice
  • France, Orleans
  • France, Paris
  • France, Poiters
  • France, Rennes
  • France, Rouen
  • France, St Etienne
  • France, Strasbourg
  • France, Toulouse
  • Gabon, Libreville
  • Gabon, Port Gentil
  • Gambia, Banjul
  • Germany, Berlin
  • Germany, Bremen
  • Germany, Bremenhaven
  • Germany, Cologne
  • Germany, Dortmund
  • Germany, Dresden
  • Germany, Duisburg
  • Germany, Dusseldorf
  • Germany, Frankfurt
  • Germany, Hamburg
  • Germany, Hannover
  • Germany, Koblenz
  • Germany, Koln
  • Germany, Mainheim
  • Germany, Muchen
  • Germany, Muenster
  • Germany, Munich
  • Germany, Nuemberg
  • Germany, Saabruecken
  • Germany, Stuttgart
  • Ghana, Accra
  • Ghana, Tema
  • Greece, Athens
  • Greece, Piraeus
  • Greece, Thessalonaki
  • Grenada, St George
  • Guatemala, Guatemala City
  • Guatemala, Puerto Quetzal
  • Guinea, Conakry
  • Guyana, Georgetown
  • Haiti, Port Au Prince
  • Hawaii, Honolulu
  • Honduras, Puerto Cortes
  • Honduras, San Pedro Sula
  • Honduras, Tegucigalpa
  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Hungary, Budapest
  • Iceland, Reykjavik
  • India, Bangalore
  • India, Calcutta
  • India, Chennai
  • India, Cochin
  • India, Coimbatore
  • India, Hyderabad
  • India, Mumbai
  • India, New Delhi
  • India, Nhava Sheva
  • India, Tutticorin
  • Indonesia, Balikpapan
  • Indonesia, Batam
  • Indonesia, Belawan
  • Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Indonesia, Semarang
  • Indonesia, Surabaya
  • Iran, Bandar Abbas
  • Iraq, Umm Qasr
  • Ireland, Belfast
  • Ireland, Cork
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • Israel, Ashdod
  • Israel, Haifa
  • Italy, Alessandria
  • Italy, Ancona
  • Italy, Arezzo
  • Italy, Ascoli
  • Italy, Asti
  • Italy, Bari
  • Italy, Benevento
  • Italy, Bergamo
  • Italy, Biella
  • Italy, Bologna
  • Italy, Bolzano
  • Italy, Brescia
  • Italy, Brindisi
  • Italy, Caserta
  • Italy, Catania
  • Italy, Catanzaro
  • Italy, Como
  • Italy, Cosenza
  • Italy, Cremona
  • Italy, Cuneo
  • Italy, Enna
  • Italy, Ferrara
  • Italy, Firenze
  • Italy, Foggia
  • Italy, Forli
  • Italy, Frosinone
  • Italy, Genoa
  • Italy, Gioia Tauro
  • Italy, Gorizia
  • Italy, Grosetto
  • Italy, Imperia
  • Italy, La Spezia
  • Italy, L’Aquila
  • Italy, Latina
  • Italy, Lecce
  • Italy, Lecco
  • Italy, Livorno
  • Italy, Lodi
  • Italy, Lucca
  • Italy, Macerata
  • Italy, Mantova
  • Italy, Massa Carrara
  • Italy, Messina
  • Italy, Milan
  • Italy, Milano
  • Italy, Modena
  • Italy, Napoli
  • Italy, Novara
  • Italy, Padova
  • Italy, Palermo
  • Italy, Parma
  • Italy, Pavia
  • Italy, Perugia
  • Italy, Pesaro
  • Italy, Pescara
  • Italy, Piacenza
  • Italy, Pisa
  • Italy, Pistoia
  • Italy, Pordenone
  • Italy, Potenza
  • Italy, Prato
  • Italy, Ravenna
  • Italy, Reggio Calabria
  • Italy, Reggio Emilia
  • Italy, Rieti
  • Italy, Rimini
  • Italy, Roma
  • Italy, Rovigo
  • Italy, Salerno
  • Italy, Savona
  • Italy, Siena
  • Italy, Sondrio
  • Italy, Taranto
  • Italy, Terni
  • Italy, Torino
  • Italy, Trento
  • Italy, Treviso
  • Italy, Trieste
  • Italy, Udine
  • Italy, Varese
  • Italy, Venice
  • Italy, Vercelli
  • Italy, Verona
  • Italy, Vicenza
  • Italy, Viterbo
  • Ivory Coast, Abidjan
  • Jamaica, Kingston
  • Japan, Akita
  • Japan, Fukuyama
  • Japan, Hakata
  • Japan, Hiroshima
  • Japan, Imabari
  • Japan, Ishikari
  • Japan, Kanazawa
  • Japan, Kobe
  • Japan, Matsuyama
  • Japan, Mizushima
  • Japan, Moji
  • Japan, Nagoya
  • Japan, Naha
  • Japan, Niigata
  • Japan, Osaka
  • Japan, Shimizu
  • Japan, Shimonoseki
  • Japan, Takamatsu
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Japan, Tomakomai
  • Japan, Toyamashinko
  • Japan, Tsuruga
  • Japan, Yokohama
  • Jordan, Aqaba
  • Kenya, Mombasa
  • Kenya, Nairobi
  • Kiribati, Tarawa
  • Korea, Busan
  • Korea, Inchon
  • Korea, Seoul
  • Kuwait, Kuwait
  • Kyrgyztan, Bishkek
  • Latvia, Riga
  • Lebanon, Beirut
  • Liberia, Monrovia
  • Libya, Tripoli
  • Lithuanian, Klaipeda
  • Lithuanian, Vilnius
  • Luxemburg, Luxemborg
  • Macedonia, Skopje
  • Madagascar, Tamatave
  • Madagascar, Toamasina
  • Malawi, Lilongwe
  • Malaysia, Bintulu
  • Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu
  • Malaysia, Kuching
  • Malaysia, Labuan
  • Malaysia, Miri
  • Malaysia, Pasir Gudang
  • Malaysia, Penang
  • Malaysia, Port Kelang
  • Malaysia, Sandakan
  • Malaysia, Sibu
  • Malaysia, Tawau
  • Maldives, Male
  • Mali, Bamako
  • Malta, Valetta
  • Mauritanie, Nouackchott
  • Mauritius, Port Louis
  • Mexico, Aguascalientes
  • Mexico, CD Obregon
  • Mexico, Celaya
  • Mexico, Culiacan
  • Mexico, Guadalajara
  • Mexico, Hermosillo
  • Mexico, Leon
  • Mexico, Manzanillo
  • Mexico, Mazatlan
  • Mexico, Mexico City
  • Mexico, Monterrey
  • Mexico, Puebla
  • Mexico, Queretaro
  • Mexico, Toluca
  • Mexico, Vera Cruz
  • Montenegro, Podgorica
  • Morocco, Casablanca
  • Mozambique, Maputo
  • Myanmar, Yangon
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam
  • New Caledonia, Noumea
  • New Zealand, Auckland
  • New Zealand, Dunedin
  • New Zealand, Hamilton
  • New Zealand, Invercargill
  • New Zealand, Lyttelton
  • New Zealand, Napier
  • New Zealand, Nelson
  • New Zealand, New Plymouth
  • New Zealand, Palmerston North
  • New Zealand, Rotorua
  • New Zealand, Tauranga
  • New Zealand, Timaru
  • New Zealand, Wellington
  • Nicaragua, Corinto
  • Nicaragua, Managua
  • Nigeria, Apapa
  • Nigeria, Lagos
  • Nigeria, Port Harcourt
  • Nigeria, Tincan Island
  • Norway, Alesund
  • Norway, Bergen
  • Norway, Fredrikstad
  • Norway, Kristlansand
  • Norway, Oslo
  • Norway, Sandnes
  • Norway, Stavenger
  • Norway, Trondheim
  • Oman, Sohar
  • Pakistan, Karachi
  • Panama, Balboa
  • Panama, Colon Free Zone
  • Panama, Cristobal
  • Panama, Panama City
  • Panama, Port Of Manzanillo
  • Papua New Guinea, Alotau
  • Papua New Guinea, Buka
  • Papua New Guinea, Kavieng
  • Papua New Guinea, Kimbe
  • Papua New Guinea, Lae
  • Papua New Guinea, Madang
  • Papua New Guinea, Oro Bay
  • Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby
  • Papua New Guinea, Rabaul
  • Papua New Guinea, Wewak
  • Paraguay, Asuncion
  • Peru, Callao
  • Peru, Lima
  • Philippines, Cagayan De Oro
  • Philippines, Cebu
  • Philippines, Davao
  • Philippines, Manila
  • Poland, Gdynia
  • Poland, Katowice
  • Poland, Krakow
  • Poland, Lodz
  • Poland, Poznan
  • Poland, Warsaw
  • Poland, Wroclaw
  • Portugal, Leixoes
  • Portugal, Lisbon
  • Puerto Rico, San Juan
  • Qatar, Doha
  • Reunion Island, Pointe Des Galets
  • Romania, Bucharest
  • Romania, Constanta
  • Russia, Moscow
  • Russia, St Petersburg
  • Saudi Arabia, Damman
  • Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
  • Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
  • Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Scotland, Glasgow
  • Senegal, Dakar
  • Serbia, Belgrade
  • Seychelles, Mahe
  • Sierra Leone, Freetown
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Slovakia, Bratislava
  • Slovenia, Celje
  • Slovenia, Koper
  • Slovenia, Kranj
  • Slovenia, Ljubljana
  • Slovenia, Maribor
  • Solomon Islands, Honiara
  • South Africa, Capetown
  • South Africa, Durban
  • South Africa, East London
  • South Africa, Johannesburg
  • South Africa, Port Elizabeth
  • Spain, Albacete
  • Spain, Algeciras
  • Spain, Alicante
  • Spain, Almeria
  • Spain, Avila
  • Spain, Badajoz
  • Spain, Barcelona
  • Spain, Bilbao
  • Spain, Burgos
  • Spain, Caceres
  • Spain, Castellon
  • Spain, Ciudad Real
  • Spain, Cordoba
  • Spain, Cuenca
  • Spain, Granada
  • Spain, Guadalajara
  • Spain, Huelva
  • Spain, Huesca
  • Spain, Irun
  • Spain, Jaen
  • Spain, La Coruna
  • Spain, Leon
  • Spain, Logrono
  • Spain, Lugo
  • Spain, Madrid
  • Spain, Malaga
  • Spain, Murcia
  • Spain, Orense
  • Spain, Oviedo
  • Spain, Palencia
  • Spain, Palma Mallorca
  • Spain, Pamplona
  • Spain, Pontevedra
  • Spain, Salamanca
  • Spain, San Sebastien
  • Spain, Santander
  • Spain, Segovia
  • Spain, Sevilla
  • Spain, Soria
  • Spain, Tarragona
  • Spain, Teruel
  • Spain, Toledo
  • Spain, Valencia
  • Spain, Valladolid
  • Spain, Vigo
  • Spain, Vitoria
  • Spain, Zamora
  • Spain, Zaragoza
  • Sri Lanka, Colombo
  • St Kitts, Basse Terre
  • St Lucia, Castries
  • St Marten, Philipsburg
  • St Thomas, Charlotte Amalia
  • St Vincent, Kingstown
  • Sudan, Port Sudan
  • Sweden, Boras
  • Sweden, Gothenburg
  • Sweden, Helsingborg
  • Sweden, Malmoe
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • Switzerland, Basel
  • Switzerland, Bern
  • Switzerland, Geneva
  • Switzerland, Lausanne
  • Switzerland, Lucerne
  • Switzerland, St Gallen
  • Switzerland, Zurich
  • Tahiti, Papeete
  • Taiwan, Kaohsiung
  • Taiwan, Keelung
  • Taiwan, Taichung
  • Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
  • Tarawa, Kiribati
  • Thailand , Bangkok
  • Thailand , Laem Chabang
  • Thailand , Lat Krabang
  • Togo , Lome
  • Tonga, Nukualofa
  • Tonga, Vavau
  • Trinidad, Port of Spain
  • Tunisia, Bizerte
  • Tunisia, Djerba
  • Tunisia, Gabes
  • Tunisia, Monastir
  • Tunisia, Rades
  • Tunisia, Sfax
  • Tunisia, Sousse
  • Tunisia, Tunis
  • Turkey, Istanbul
  • Tuvalu, Funafuti
  • Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
  • Ukraine, Kharkov
  • Ukraine, Kiev
  • Ukraine, Odessa
  • Ukraine, Poltava
  • Ukraine, Vinnitsa
  • United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
  • United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali
  • United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
  • United Kingdom, Birmingham
  • United Kingdom, Bradford
  • United Kingdom, Bristol
  • United Kingdom, Cardiff
  • United Kingdom, Derby
  • United Kingdom, Felixstowe
  • United Kingdom, Hull
  • United Kingdom, Leeds
  • United Kingdom, Leicester
  • United Kingdom, Liverpool
  • United Kingdom, London
  • United Kingdom, Manchester
  • United Kingdom, Nottingham
  • United Kingdom, Sheffield
  • United Kingdom, Southampton
  • United Kingdom, Thamesport
  • United Kingdom, Tilbury
  • Uruguay, Montevideo
  • USA, Akron
  • USA, Albuquerque
  • USA, Atlanta
  • USA, Austin
  • USA, Baltimore
  • USA, Birmingham
  • USA, Boston
  • USA, Brownville
  • USA, Buffalo
  • USA, Charleston
  • USA, Charlotte
  • USA, Chattanooga
  • USA, Chicago
  • USA, Cincinnati
  • USA, Cleveland
  • USA, Columbus
  • USA, Dallas
  • USA, Dayton
  • USA, Denver
  • USA, Des Moines
  • USA, Detroit
  • USA, El Paso
  • USA, Grand Rapids
  • USA, Greensboro
  • USA, Greenville
  • USA, Hidalgo
  • USA, Houston
  • USA, Huntsville
  • USA, Indianapolis
  • USA, Jacksonville
  • USA, Kansas City
  • USA, Knoxville
  • USA, Laredo
  • USA, Las Vegas
  • USA, Little Rock
  • USA, Los Angeles
  • USA, Louisville
  • USA, Memphis
  • USA, Miami
  • USA, Milwaukee
  • USA, Minneapolis
  • USA, Mobile
  • USA, Nashville
  • USA, New Jersey
  • USA, New Orleans
  • USA, New York
  • USA, Nogales
  • USA, Norfolk
  • USA, Oakland
  • USA, Oklahoma City
  • USA, Omaha
  • USA, Orlando
  • USA, Philadelphia
  • USA, Phoenix
  • USA, Pittsburg
  • USA, Portland
  • USA, Raleigh
  • USA, Richmond
  • USA, Rochester
  • USA, Salt Lake City
  • USA, San Antonio
  • USA, San Diego
  • USA, San Francisco
  • USA, Savannah
  • USA, Seattle
  • USA, Shreveport
  • USA, Springfield
  • USA, St Louis
  • USA, Tampa
  • USA, Toledo
  • USA, Tucson
  • USA, Tulsa
  • USA, Washington
  • USA, Wichita
  • USA, Wilmington
  • Vanuatu, Port Villa
  • Vanuatu, Santo
  • Venezuela, La Guaira
  • Venezuela, Puerto Cabello
  • Vietnam, Haiphong
  • Vietnam, Hanoi
  • Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
  • Western Samoa, Apia
  • Zambia, Lusaka
  • Zimbabwe, Bulawayo
  • Zimbabwe, Harare

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Looking to export sea freight to Shanghai, China
Sitting at the junction of the “golden watercourse” and the “golden coast”, the port of Shanghai’s advantageous location made it the first international sea port of China since the ancient times.

Looking to export sea freight to Genia, Italy

Italy’s main seaports include Gioia Tauro, Naples, and Genoa. Its major imports include aluminium, and housewares.

Aside from its commercial value, the Genoa Port is known around the globe for its beautiful location on the slopes of the coastal mountains. Its city overlooks the Mare Ligure and the harbour.

It has an estimated trade volume of 51.6 million tonnes and covers about 700 hectares of land and 500 hectares of water. This stretches to over 22 kilometres of the coastline, with 47 km of maritime ways and 30 km of operative quays.

Looking to export sea freight to Los Angeles, California, USA
Seaports are vital economic engines, especially to the United States where seaport cargo activity accounts for 26 percent of  its economy.

U.S. seaports generated nearly $4.6 trillion in total economic activity and more than $321 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2014 alone.

The Port of Los Angeles encompasses 7,500 acres of land and water along 43 miles of waterfront.

It features 27 passenger and cargo terminals, including automobile, breakbulk, container, dry and liquid bulk, multi-use, and warehouse facilities that handle billions of dollars’ worth of cargo each year.

Looking to export sea freight to Barcelona, Spain?
Ranked as the third most important in European power in shipping, Spain has five of its ports in the top 125 and 13 in the top 200 in the world.

Spain’s greatest trade is with France, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain. Among its leading exports are machinery, motor vehicles, fruit, wine, food products and pharmaceuticals.

Ranked 15 in Europe and 77th in the world, Barcelona Seaport is indeed one of the busiest and most profitable ports in Spain.

Looking to export sea freight port at Cape Town, South Africa?
With 38 of its 54 states either coastal or insular in nature, Africa has over a hundred port facilities.  Few of which handles 6% of the worldwide water-borne cargo traffic and about 3% of the world’s container traffic.

It’s main exports include palm oil, gold and diamonds, oil, cocoa, timber and precious metals. However, it imports items from other countries such as machinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum products, scientific instruments and foodstuffs.

The Port of Cape Town serves cargoes moving between Europe and the western hemisphere and the Middle East and Australia, especially containers.

It has evolved from a staging post on a major east-west trade route into a modern, full-service general cargo port renowned for deciduous fruit and fish exports.

Looking to export sea freight port at Auckland, New Zealand?
The Port of Auckland is a large container and international trade port on the Waitemata Harbour. It lies on the central and eastern Auckland waterfront (north of Auckland CBD).

Looking to export sea freight port at Santos, Brazil?
South America is a major exporter of coffee. Its other exports include meats, copper, wool, cotton, hides and skins, wheat, linseed, corn, sodium,nitrate, metals, cereals, cabinet woods and other agricultural products.

However, just like other countries, it also imports various products such as textiles and fibres, metals and manufacturers, machinery and vehicles.

The Port of Santos is the busiest port in Latin America. It is the 39th largest port in terms of container traffic in the world. It services a wide variety of cargo including solid and liquid bulk, containers and general loads.

Looking to export sea freight port at Vancouver, Canada?
Considered as one of the most diversified port in North America, the Port of Vancouver operate across five business sectors: automobiles, breakbulk, bulk, container and cruise.

It facilitates trade with more than 170 world economies and handles approximately 138 million tonnes of cargo valued at $200 billion each year.

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