Freight forwarding personal effects overseas

Get instant quotes for freight forwarding personal effects overseas to and from Australia. Its fast and easy with Freight Forwarder Quote Online. Personal effects include the following:

  • Household goods
  • Personal belongings
  • Unaccompanied baggage
  • Vehicles

We include customs clearance as part of service when shipping personal effects.

Read on more to find out what you need to know about freight forwarding personal effects overseas. Then use our online freight calculator to get a quote.

Freight forwarding personal effects overseas to and from Australia

Shipping personal effects to and from Australia

You want your goods to be delivered in perfect condition and on time when it comes to shipping your personal effects. Freight Forwarder Quote Online can ensure such deliver and facilitate all the required procedures required when it comes to shipping your personal effects to and from Australia.

Whether you have a small suitcase or a full container of personal belongings, Freight Forwarder Quote Online is able to facilitate shipping for you all over the world. We are also capable of providing customs clearance information relevant to personal effect shipments at any sea port or airport.

Our team has shipped personal effects overseas to and from Australia and know the difficulties that authorities can pose in different countries. We have effective methods of clearing your personal effects through the numerous government bodies making sure storage charges and delays are avoided.

Major locations we ship to and from Australia

We ship to and from over 16,000 Australian places. See the major locations we ship to and from Australia to overseas.

Countries we ship to and from

We ship to and from over 40,000 overseas locations. See the countries we ship to and from overseas.

Airports and seaports

To see the various air and seaports we ship to and from Australia and overseas, just follow the links below:

Packing your personal effects when shipping

In order to make the shipping cost effective, we recommend that the packing of your personal effects be done by you. It will expensive if it done by third parties. Whether freight forwarding personal effects overseas to and from Australia via sea freight or air freight, we ask that you to either pack in crate or boxes. We will repack the create or boxes onto a pallet (palatalises) to avoid damage when shipped via sea freight.

How to best pack your personal effects for shipping

If you are planning on packing the personal effects yourself before handing it off to us, then here are some simple packing instructions to help you out.
Choose the right box, making sure that the box can hold its weight and is made out of heavy corrugated cardboard. You may use crates if the items are heavier and you require more space.

  • Protect your goods by making sure that you have padding with packing chips, bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Carefully seal the box or crate making sure you cover all seams and not to leave any open areas.
  • Clearly label your boxes or crates with your name and destination address. Add a copy of the label and include it inside the container in case the outside is accidentally removed.

If your personal effects are to be shipped via sea freight, your correctly packed boxes or crates will then be protected using industrial wrapping and secured to pallets to minimise risk of damage.

Use our online freight quote calculator to receive your free shipping personal effect quote. It’s free, fast and easy. Otherwise, feel free to give us a call at 1300651233 or send us a message.

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Shipping personal effects into Australia

Personal effects that attract GST and duties when brought into Australia

Individuals with permanent residency and returning Australian or a New Zealand passport holders can import their personal effects duty and tax free. However, alcohol even if it is part of a cellar collection, remains to be subjected of duties and taxes. There also are restrictions on certain types of items. Personal effects are consignments that are made up of:

  • Personal belongings
  • Household goods
  • Unaccompanied baggage

Further, the consignment needs to be owned by you for at least twelve months prior to their departure form Australia.

What cannot be shipped into Australia as personal belongings?

Martial artists or collectors of dangerous weapons, including antique and collector’s items must provide an appropriate shooter’s license issued by the local police department before it can be released by Customs. However, the following firearms and dangerous weapons are strictly prohibited from entering Australia:

  • Spring loaded knives
  • Daggers
  • Swordsticks
  • Blowpipes
  • Knuckledusters

Goods manufactured from endangered species are also prohibited. For more detailed Customs information please visit

What personal effects get fumigated by quarantine

Some personal belongings may be infested with unwanted pests that could contain diseases. To avoid this from entering Australia, our quarantine services (Biosecurity) require fumigation and treatment of the following items:

  • Wooden items and garden tools
  • Lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners with un-emptied dust bags
  • Carpets and Christmas decorations
  • Dried flowers, seeds, straws, skins and feathers
  • Bicycles and equipment used with horses or other animals
  • Toys containing cotton waste, sand, straw or water

The fumigation and inspection of these items is offered on a “fee for service” basis.

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Required documentation when shipping personal effects by sea

When freight forwarding personal effects overseas by sea, there are several documents that are required to be completed as part of the process. These documents depend on Origin of Country however the most common requirements are:

  • Completed and signed Form B534
  • Packing list
  • Delivery order with the name and address of the owner

If you need help in regards to documentation when freight forwarding personal effects overseas into Australia via sea, send us a message or give us a call. We are happy to help.

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