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Import air freight services based on time from overseas to Australia

Need help moving your cargo goods fast and efficiently via air freight? FFQO delivers your goods anywhere in Australia from around the globe.

Choose from any of the following air freight services we deliver:

Next flight out for importing

Do you need a fast delivery service for your cargo? Our next flight out import air freight services ensures your goods is picked up and delivered at the soonest time possible.

You can count on to us to have yours delivered within the shortest time possible. Call us toll free at 1300651233 so we can book your air cargo as soon as possible.

Overnight service for importing

Are you looking for an overnight import air freight service for your high priority cargo? We can do it for you. Tell us how much lead time you have and we’ll handle the rest. Beat your deadline without having to pay more. Get an experienced air freight forwarder and call us on 1300651233 for help you.

Import air freight with no delays

Deferred air freight service – 3 to 5 business days

Do you need to move cargo via air but don’t want to spend too much?

We can have this delivered for you at a lower cost on other flights that are convenient to the airline. Know more about our deferred air freight service.

Save more whilst getting the service you deserve. Call us toll free at 1300651233.

Time-definite air freight service for importing

Are you planning to air freight a cargo into Australia anytime soon? Got a time and day in mind, but definitely not within the day or tomorrow? We can help!

We can help plan and optimise import air shipping schedules. Talk to us at 1300651233 to about your time-definite air freight import service needs.

Need import air freight time optimised?

Import air freight services based on weight from overseas to Australia

Your method of importing your cargo maybe based more on weight than timelines? We make it simple with the following air import freight forwarding services:

Courier air import service – 1 kg to 50 kg

Planning to surprise someone with a door-to-door delivery package?

We have import air freight service for parcels and courier entering Australia from anywhere around the globe. We handle all types of parcels from personal effects to machines and equipment.

See how quick and simple it is to get a quote from us. Use our online calculator to get an instant quote, today.

Door-to-door import air service  –  more than 50 kg

This freight option is perfect for cargo weighing 51 kg to 10,000 kg that has  to be delivered door-to-door within 3 to 5 business days. We offer the following features when it comes to door-to-door when importing via air:

  • Door pick-up
  • Export clearance
  • Export airport fees
  • Freight component
  • Import clearance
  • Import airport fees
  • Door delivery

Consolidation import air freight service

If you are looking for one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to importing via air freight and you have a good lead time, then our consolidated import air freight delivery is the perfect solution.

It is similar to import LCL sea freight consolidation where multiple consignees are combined into one shipment. Your goods are listed under the same master way bill but each individual will be given a house way bill. This way your shipment can be imported in a group where it can then easily be separated at the destination for delivery.

Consolidation via air freight for importing has the following benefits

  • Low cost, efficient and fast
  • Ideal for exporting shipments over 75 kg
  • Convenient and easy import processing for palletised and non-palletised air freight
  • Can be made to include pickups and delivery from overseas

Our import air freight consolidation service features day-specific scheduling and an airport-to-airport service.

Message us online or call us at 1300651233 to learn more about this.

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Freight Forwarder Quote Online gives you a highly experienced team that strives for customer satisfaction and can import your cargo via air freight cost effectively and quickly through our comprehensive airport network. We cover all major airports across Australia.

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