Shipping container dimensions guide

When looking for shipping container dimensions, there are 11 main types to consider when it comes to international trade.

Of the containers available, it is possible to transport a wide range of goods from bulk commodities to perishable foodstuffs and dangerous goods.

This range of shipping containers have evolved over time to meet the needs of exporters and importers executing international trade.

The complete guide of shipping container dimensions are as follows:

You may hear shipping containers referred to as ISO shipping containers. ISO stands for the International Organisation for Standardization, a group that determines the specification and dimensions of these containers for consistency worldwide.

Most common shipping container dimensions

Table of common shipping container dimensions

We have included in a table a summary of the most common shipping container dimensions and what they are suitable for.

Please note that the exact size and holding capacity of shipping containers can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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Shipping container dimensions guide for Australia

Shipping container 6m Standard 6m High cube 12m Standard 12m High cube
Max gross weight (kg) 30,480 30,480 32,500 32,500
Tare weight (kg) 2,220 2,340 3,680 3,860
External length (mm) 6056 6056 12192 12192
Internal length (mm) 5898 5898 12032 12032
External width (mm) 2438 2438 2438 2438
Internal width (mm) 2352 2352 2352 2352
External height (mm) 2592 2896 2592 2896
Internal height (mm) 2392 2698 2392 2698
Door opening width (mm) 2340 2340 2340 2340
Door opening height (mm) 2280 2585 2280 2585
Cubic capacity (cu/m) 33.2 37.5 67.7 76.4

Shipping container dimensions with sizes and types

20 foot dry container

The type of shipping container typically seen in ports is the 20-foot dry container. It is used for general kinds of cargo.

20-foot dry container shipping container dimensions

40-foot general purpose dry container

If 20-foot isn’t enough space, try the 40-foot general purpose dry container.

40-foot General purpose dry container

20-foot flat rack container

If your cargo is oversized, such as building equipment and vehicles used for construction then this style of container is perfect for you.

20-foot Flat rack container

40-foot flat rack container

A 40-foot higher flat rack container for much more oversized cargo.

40-foot flat rack container

20-foot open top container

This 20-foot open top container is used to contain cargo which exceeds the height of standard containers and requires top-loading.

20-foot open top container shipping container dimensions

40-foot open top container

Cargo longer or higher than 20 feet? Try the 40-foot open top container.

40-foot open top container shipping container dimensions

20-foot ventilated container

If your shipping cargo is made up of products that require ventilation, such as coffee beans, this 20-foot ventilated container is appropriate for it.

20-foot ventilated container shipping container dimensions

20-foot refrigerated container

Use when your goods need to be temperature controlled. These containers can be set to temperatures ranging from -35˚C to 35˚C.

 20-foot Refrigerated container shipping container dimensions

40-foot refrigerated container

The 40-foot refrigerated container is a larger option for when the 20-foot model just isn’t enough. Its reference code is 42 RT.

40-foot Refrigerated container shipping container dimensions

40-foot high cube container

Similar to the 40-foot general purpose container, but the high cube container has an additional one foot in height providing more space for your cargo.

40-foot High cube container shipping container dimensions

20-foot ISO tank container

A 20-foot ISO tank is used for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids including chemicals and food ingredients such as oils.

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20-Foot ISO tank container shipping container dimensions