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All about importing air freight to Australia

Why importers and retailers choose air freight when moving goods?

Here are the top reasons why importers and retailers choose air freight:


Air shipment is one of the fastest, if not the fastest way to get your cargo delivered. This is the reason individuals, importers and retailers dealing with fast moving consumable goods prefer this type of transportation when looking to import air freight to Australia.


Why do you think Apple decided to have its latest iPhone 6 and iWatch delivered via air freight? Because it provides better assurance that their goods will arrive on time.

Yes, some flights may get delayed, but airlines have a way of staying on top of their schedules. They have daily back and forth flights between major cities allowing them to conveniently ship your goods using the next available flight to avoid major delay.


For sure! Goods that require the least risk of getting damaged or destroyed should be moved through air freight. Not only will you benefit from the speedy arrival of your cargo but the strict airport regulations imposed by airline carriers also ensures your items will arrive in good condition.

With these points in mind, are you still going to gamble your goods by using sea freight?

But isn’t moving goods via air freight to Australia expensive?

Not exactly. If you are shipping 50kg minimum consignments, you’ll soon realize that it is more cost effective to use airfreight. Our expert freight forwarders can offer alternative services that deliver the same results at a lower rate.

We understand that whenever you choose air freight, you are paying for speed. We can and and will find ways to help you save more without compromising your cargo delivery. We can have your shipment go to China via Bangkok instead of direct flights to save you heaps.

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5 tips for first time air freight importers in Australia

Know your terms of purchase

Not quite sure? Call us.

Our experience shows that the single biggest mistake importers make are not knowing your terms of purchase. Whether its exworks, FCA or FOB, the terms can be confusing especially with 15 different customs and trade acronyms. Contact us to assist you through the process before you purchase the goods.

Work out your door to door costs before the shipment sails. Some freight forwarders will say, “we cannot quote you 1 total figure including everything.” Here at FFQO, we can offer you a quote in Australian dollar including duties, taxes, airport fees, any surcharges and freight – no hidden fees.

Damages – Did you properly pack your goods?

You have to realise that your consignment will be passed to different hands prior to its arrival. It can go to the hands of the trucker, depot, airport, maybe another airport then the final airport maybe another depot and then another trucker.

After thinking about this, ask yourself, “Will my product stand up to any damage?” Your answer has to be yes.

Insurance – Is it worth it?

Following our tip about prevention of damage, the next big question commonly asked by importers, exporters and retailers is, “do we need insurance?”

We say, “yes.” Due to the amount of parties that can handle your freight, you need an additional security someone will be liable if ever any of your items gets damaged. Without insurance, it is very easy for the airlines and depots to deny liability via their terms and conditions. Therefore, take the risk away by getting your goods insured.

Documents – Know all what is required by Customs?

Unless you want your products to be treated or at worst destroyed, then never send your costly product before checking the required paperwork. Otherwise, be prepared to pay for penalties or your products being treated and at worst destroyed.

Once or twice a month, we would see a customer importing products without documentation. They are unaware where the product was manufactured or where the product came from.

Avoid having to pay additional fees when you can save more. Talk to us first prior to import to ensure you have all the required documents.

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FAQ on import air freight to Australia

Why are air freight rates so volatile?

Freight rate varies due to many reasons.

The main factors are space availability, fluctuation in fuel pricing, currency adjustments and routing of airline.

Do you offer payment terms?

We do offer credit terms to approved ABN holders.

Who handles insurance?

We can offer insurance and include it in your final invoice. To estimate the cost of insurance you may use this formula: Product value in AUD * .006. However, minimum insurance cost is A$85.00

How long will it take before my cargo arrive?

Generally in most cases your cargo will require 1 day at origin to pass customs and 1 day in destination to pass customs. The transit in the air could be direct flight or vary from 2-6 days depending on origin and destination airport.

What documents do you need to move my goods?

Imports to Australia requires your commercial invoice and your airway bill. If timber has been used in packing or in manufacture of product, then a treatment certificate will likely be required.

In some cases, Australian customs may also request a proof of payment to verify the cost if it doesn’t appear to line up with estimated commercial value.

Where do you frequently transport air cargo to?

We can airfreight to all main airports of:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Cairns

For any other locations, we can easily move your goods via land transport.

Who will pick-up my items?

You have two options. We can arrange your delivery from door to door. However for bigger savings on your shipment, depending on the size of consignment, we could arrange for your consignment to be made available at our depots.

Do you move dangerous goods?

Yes dangerous goods can be moved without too much difficulty; however, the rates vary significantly from product to product.

Supply us with your Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from your manufacturers and we could handle it from there.

How much duties, taxes & quarantine fees will I pay?

There are specific formulas used to accurately calculate for these. Talk to me and I’ll be happy to assist you with it.

How do I pack my items?

It is suggested that you ensure the product is safe for travel. You may use bubble wrap and paper or cardboard for those precious items.

Note timber packaging will require treatment. There are exceptions such as plywood. However, please check with our customer service person if you plan to use timber for packaging.

FAQ on Import air freight quote to Australia

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